What Are Cold Sores? How Can They Affect You?

If you are suffering from the cold sores and blisters caused by herpes simplex virus, you may know how much annoying and painful they are. Generally people think that genital herpes is more dangerous and painful than oral herpes. But the truth is, oral herpes is also a difficult situation to handle.Herpes Infection You can hide the symptoms of genital herpes with clothes but it is impossible to hide the cold sores on lips and around the mouth. It is a big problem that only a herpes patient can understand.

Having mouth herpes seems like people are more interested in the rashes on your mouth not the words coming from your mouth. This condition can lead to depression and anxiety disorder in some herpes patients. The herpes virus is highly contagious and reoccurring once it is in your system. There are some stages of oral herpes which include a tingling, burning sensation on the spot of skin around the lips or nose, the appearance of small reddish blemishes and the third one is- liquid fills the bump to form the tender and uncomfortable blisters.

Well, the question in every herpes patient’s mind, is there any permanent cure for mouth herpes? Generally, mild symptoms of herpes go on its own in few days without any treatment but they can occur at any time because herpes is always dormant in your nerve system. Antiviral creams and antibiotics can help to reduce the duration of inflammation, if they applied as soon as any itching is felt. But unfortunately, there is no permanent cure for herpes. Even creams and medicines can reduce the appearance of cold sores but they don’t prevent recurrences.

Herpes InfectionThe good news is that with the help of some herbal treatments, lifestyle and diet changes, you can easily manage the frequent outbreaks. Herbal remedies are the best option to deal mouth herpes as they are totally safe and effective too. Medicines can cause several side effects and that is why it is not considered as a safe method to deal herpes virus. One of the most important things you need to remember while applying herbal remedies for herpes is to choose wisely which supplement cannot harm you internally because when you apply anything on the lips it can easily slip into your mouth and it may be dangerous for your health.

Remedies For Mouth Herpes

lavender oil for herpesOlive Oil And Lavender Oil

You can apply olive oil and lavender oil on the affected parts. They will give you instant relieve from itching and reduce the appearance of cold sores.


Cornstarch is also a good remedy for oral herpes. If you eat some amount of this, it will not harm your health at all. It is also an easy and effective remedy for mouth herpes. You can apply cornstarch paste on the affected parts for getting better result. If you want to know more about cornstarch and cold sores, click here.


Vanilla has a great taste and it is used in many health conditions. Pure vanilla extract can help you a lot in curing cold sores on the mouth. It is alcohol based which makes difficult for the virus to survive. It will dry the cold sores and reduce the burning sensation.

peppermint oil for mouth herpesPeppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is also a great remedy for herpes virus. It helps in killing all the viruses living outside our cells and on the skin. It helps to reduce the itching, pain, and redness of the skin and also inhibit the growth of the virus. Read more to know details about peppermint oil and herpes.

There are a number of herbal remedies which can help you to manage the mouth herpes effectively. Along with these remedies, you need to maintain a good health. You need to improve your immunity by nutrients intake to manage future outbreaks. Do not touch cold sores regularly as it will spread the virus to the other parts too. You should also maintain a proper hygiene and eat healthy foods. With the help of these things, you can live a healthy life with herpes and prevent its frequent outbreaks.

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