Lip Herpes Damages Your Lips…..

Lip herpes treatment- Soft and nourished lips make your face look healthy and beautiful. But due to a herpes outbreak, your lips may look ugly and under nourished because of infection which demoralizes your confidence level. And you feel uncomfortable to face the world.

The herpes simplex virus that causes blisters or cold sores on the mouth or lip is HSV 1. It may be caused when a person comes in contact with an infected individual’s saliva or touches an existing cold sore or blisters. Kissing a person with cold sores or blisters on the lip spreads the virus. Touching blisters or cold sores can transfer the virus to other parts of the body as well.

Common Symptoms of Lip Herpes

The common symptoms of cold sores and blisters occur on lips including pain on the lips or mouth, swollen glands on the neck, a fever and a sore throat. At the time when blister break, some patients experience pain when clear fluid drains and ultimately crusts over. The blisters typically take up to two weeks to heal once they break open. Some physicians recommend topical ointments or skin cream to dry out the blisters fast. But they do not eliminate the symptoms of herpes simplex virus completely from your body. You may experience the same issue again once you stop using the over the counter medications. The best way to treat herpes virus is by natural practices which are highly capable to deal with these types of skin disorders. By following ultimate home remedies for herpes you can get rid of your cold sores around the lips.

Home Remedies for Cold Sores around Lips (Lip Herpes Treatment) 

  1. Cover the cold sore: You need to cover a cold sore with petroleum jelly which will speed up healing and help to protect your lips from secondary infection with bacteria. Remember not to share your lipstick and not to apply makeup as the chemicals in the makeup products can make the sore worse.
  2. Change your toothbrush: toothbrushYou need to get a new toothbrush after the blister has formed and again after the attack has cleared up. Toothbrushes can harbor the virus. If you have frequent or severe cold sores, consult your health care provider.
  3. Protect your lips from the sun: You can apply sunscreen to your lips. It may help prevent sun-induced recurrences of cold sores. Use coconut oil, Shea butter, jojoba oil, sunflower oil or sesame oil and vitamin E. These are the natural sunscreens which provide your lips the natural sun protection.
  4. Ice packs: ice pack for herpesBy applying ice on your cold sores when they first arrive, you may cut down on the amount of time it hangs around. Ice packs and cold compresses will provide relief in your pain and itching due to infection caused by the herpes virus.
  5. Milk: This remedy doesn’t involve the drinking of milk. In order to treat your cold sores, you need to apply raw milk on the affected area to relieve pain. It is recommended because it has antiviral properties which eliminate the herpes virus and heals the affected area fast.

On the basis of the above-mentioned remedies for cold sores, you can cure your lips from the hazardous symptoms of herpes simplex virus. Apart from this, they nourish your lips and keep your smile healthy. Follow these lip herpes treatment and let us know the results.

There are a number of natural remedies that can help you the desired way without gifting any side-effect. Read more to know details about these natural herpes remedies.

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