Herpes Simplex Virus


Herpes is a most common contagious disease nowadays. Everybody has a fear of herpes virus. The people who don’t have it still living in a terror of getting caught by herpes virus. The remaining population who has already been affected by this virus searches for the best treatment to get rid of it. To overcome from this fear you should clearly know about what herpes exactly is and what are the major causes of this infection. You also need to know the major signs and symptoms of herpes infection. You should also know that what things can help you to get rid of it and what thing can worse your indication so herpes infection.

Herpes Virus And Its Types

Do you actually know what the herpes virus is? If you feel that you know all about the herpes, you should check your knowledge because there are chances that you may live with myths related to herpes. Herpes is a contagious disease which transmits through direct and indirect contacts with an infected person. It is a viral infection which causes blisters, sores, redness, itchiness, pain and rashes on infected parts. The types of herpes virus include oral herpes and genital herpes. itching,redness and blisters for herpesOral herpes causes blisters and cold sores in and around the mouth as well as on lips. Genital herpes causes blisters in genital parts. The symptoms of herpes infection vary widely depending upon if it is your first outbreak or if you had herpes infection before. Some people realize that they have affected with the herpes virus but many people do not because the symptoms of herpes have mild effects as you can’t able to recognize them.

Medicines For Herpes

In US, almost half of the population is affected by herpes virus. If you think that the situation must be better with new advanced technologies and medicines, you are totally wrong. At this point of time, there are no medicines and natural products available which can treat or remove herpes completely from your body. Once the herpes virus enters your body, it will remain with you rest of your life. You can manage and control the virus but cannot eliminate it. There are some medicines available which can help you to manage herpes infection and its symptoms. Acyclovir (Zavier), famcyclovir (Famvir) and Valacyclovir (Valtrex) are the common medicines prescribed by the doctor to heal the symptoms of herpes infection. Yes, it is true that medicines can give you instant relief and reduce the pain and other symptoms of herpes virus. Medicines have a good side that it is easy to take a tablet instead of making efforts with natural remedies but a bad side is that they have many side effects too.

Side Effects Of Herpes Medicines

Acyclovir is used to manage cold sores and blisters in and around the mouth. It is also used to control outbreak of genital herpes. It can decrease the quantity of virus and less serious in some people. If you have a weak immune system or kidney problem, usage of acyclovir medicine can create some serious problem for you. The most common side effects of acyclovir medicine are vomiting, nausea, headache, fever, tiredness, hair loss and change in behavior. Valtrex is an antiviral drug which is used to treat many infections and herpes is one of them. It can reduce the symptoms of herpes by slowing the growth of virus. The side effects of Valtrex are more severe in anticiral medicine for herpes on lipsolder as it can be harmful to the kidney. You need to remember the fact that Valtrex always cannot prevent the growth of herpes virus so always take precautions to protect yourself from developing herpes outbreaks. Valtrex also causes side effects such as vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain and dizziness. However, some people also experience some serious side effects like mood change, change in behavior, trouble speaking and unsteady movements. Famcyclovir is also used for the purpose of managing herpes infection. It can also give you the same results as Valtrex and acyclovir medicines. It will give you relief from herpes but it can also give you the side effects of like headache, vomiting, fever and many others problems. Famcyclovir can create serious health problems if you have kidney problem, liver problem and immune problem.
It is true that herpes can affect your physical and mental health but only when you allow it to rule on your body. If you look at it just like other infection, things will be much better. Putting your energy to reduce the symptoms of herpes instead of thinking the negative effects of it will definitely help you to live a better life. Try natural products to manage herpes infection because they do not have any side effects like medicines have.

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Medications can do no good to you. Instead, you will only get the side-effects of medicines for herpes treatment. 

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