What are the Symptoms of Herpes on Lips ?

Herpes on lips is the result of oral herpes. Having cold sores on the lips or mouth are the most annoying and frustrating situation for any person. These blisters are not only painful but embarrassing too. It seems like everyone notices your sores or blisters on the mouth and not your words.

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herpes outbreaks on lips

Herpes is the world’s most common sexually transmitted disease that spreads through direct and indirect contacts with an infected partner. This disease is highly contagious. Let me tell you one more thing that if you have herpes, you are not alone. There are millions of people in the USA who are affected with this nasty disease. The number of herpes patients is increasing at an alarming rate, that’s why it becomes a matter of serious concern. Today, we are going to discuss herpes and the symptoms of herpes on lips in brief.

Symptoms of Herpes

Herpes is actually of two types – oral herpes and genital herpes. Oral herpes is one of the most common forms of herpes virus. It spreads through direct and indirect contacts with a herpes patient. Many people who do not aware of herpes ask about the symptoms of herpes on lips. The symptoms of herpes on lips are characterized by an eruption of small and usually painful blisters. These blisters are commonly known as fever blisters or cold sores.

The symptoms of herpes vary from person to person. Some people experience mild herpes symptoms or even no symptoms throughout their life whereas others experience really severe and frequent herpes outbreaks. People usually get sores near the lips and mouth. They turn into blisters and become itchy and painful. This virus is highly dangerous for new born babies or people having weak immune system.

Symptoms of herpes depend on whether the outbreaks are initial or recurrent. The initial oral infection may cause no symptoms or mouth ulcers. The virus remains in the nerve tissues of the face. In some people, the virus reactivates and causes recurrent cold sores that are usually in the same area. Recurrent herpes outbreaks are usually not serious but relapses are common.

What causes recurrent herpes outbreaks?

herpes on lips in children

Symptoms of herpes on lips can cause recurrent herpes outbreaks. The initial infection occurs usually before age 20. It typically affects the lips and the area around the mouth. You can get this virus from close contact with someone who has already this virus. You can even get this virus from touching objects where the virus may be present. These objects include towel, utensils, razor for shaving and lip balm. A recurrent infection of oral herpes includes the fever, stress, fatigue, hormonal changes, extreme temperature and upper respiratory infection.

How can you identify the symptoms of herpes on the lips? The primary infection may not cause any symptoms but if it does, the symptoms or blisters may appear near or on the mouth within one to three weeks after your first contract with the virus. The blisters might last up to three weeks. In general, the episodes of recurrent infections are milder than the initial infection. Well, if you see any of the herpes symptoms on the lips or mouth, you should consult your doctor and take a herpes test to find the most accurate results.

prescription for herpes on lips

Your doctor will prescribe you the best treatment option to get rid of these herpes symptoms on lips. However, it is really difficult to get rid of herpes completely once it enters your body. The good news is that you can easily manage these herpes symptoms on lips or on other parts of the body. There are some herpes antivirals medications available which can shorten the healing time of blisters and help to get rid of them. The bad side of these antivirals is that they can give you serious side effects. The best option is to try some natural remedies that are safe as well as effective enough to manage the herpes symptoms. There are the number of natural remedies such as aloe Vera gel, baking soda for cold sores, essential oils, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar and many others that can give your relief and treat your cold sores.

The symptoms of herpes are really painful and annoying too. They can steal your beauty and give you an ugly look. Scientists are currently searching for some effective treatment option to cure this virus but till that try home remedies to get some relief and to heal the symptoms fast.

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